The view will blow you away...


You are invited on Saturday day hikes, May through October, rain or shine. Also X-country skiing from December to April, blizzard or deep freeze!

Meeting Places:

Depending on hiking destination or skiing destination we will meet at one of the following locations:

North Meeting Places:

Capital Hill School:

Park on 22 Avenue N.W. in front of Capital Hill Elementary School playground, between 17 and 18 Streets N.W.  (This is located 2 blocks north of 20 Avenue N.W., or 1-2 blocks east of 19 Street N.W., or 6 blocks north of the Centex gas station on 16 Avenue and 17 Street N.W.)

Our Lady of Assumption School: (7311 34 Ave. N.W.)

Follow 16 Ave. West to the Sarcee Trail junction and turn North onto 34 Ave. N.W. You can park in the parking lot of the school or if busy on the street. Avoid parking in front of residential homes.

South Meeting Place:

Park at Anderson LRT station on Macleod Trail South at the south end of the parking lot.

Hiking Time (Spring -  Summer):

8:15 am for briefing and car pool arrangements.  Latecomers may have to take their own cars if arrangements have already been completed.  WE DEPART AT 8:30 AM SHARP.

Skiing Time (Winter):

8:15 am for briefing and car pool arrangements.  Latecomers may have to take their own cars if arrangements have already been completed.  WE DEPART AT 8:30 AM.



Car pooling.  Have your car roadworthy and FILLED WITH GAS on arrival at the meeting place and be prepared to take it.  If we enter a national park, an additional $2.00 will be paid to the holders of the valid seasonal car pass we use. If you own a pass you never pay even if it is not used. (Please bring your park pass if you have one.)


Pay To Driver

Bragg Creek

 $ 8.00

Kananaskis (North), Jumpingpound

 $ 10.00

Peter Lougheed, Kananaskis Lakes, Sheep, Canmore

 $ 13.00

Banff, Highwood Area

 $ 14.00


 $ 16.00

Smith - Dorrien, Lake Louise

 $ 17.00

These are day hikes and there is NO GUARANTEE as to what time we will return.  Please keep this in mind when you have Saturday evening engagements.  Also note that our planned hiking destinations sometimes change depending on trail/weather conditions.



  1. Before the hike choose a partner(s) who will agree to stay with you if you lag behind or do not want to hike as far. You can always switch partner(s) along the way if mutually agreed.

  2. Bring a spare set of car keys you can give to another member in your car pool so if they get back earlier they can wait in the car.

  3. No dogs or pets.  No smoking in cars.

  4. Provincial and National parks PROHIBIT PICKING PLANTS, PICKING UP ROCKS, ETC.  Do not litter.

  5. Leave trails in better condition than they were when you found them (i.e. pick up garbage).

  6. Please stay on the trails.  DO NOT TAKE SHORTCUTS OR DETOUR AROUND WET AREAS, as these actions erode new trails.

  7. Children under 16 years must be supervised. 

  8. Guests/friends are welcome to join us anytime, but please inform them of the rules and items to bring.

Tips on what to wear and bring:

  1. Strongly recomend walkie-talkies to stay in touch and for safety reasons when seperated from group!

  2. Bring sturdy and comfortable footwear for hiking.  Bring these boots/shoes in a plastic bag so that the mud and dust that collects on them will not soil the cars.

  3. Dress in layers.  Do not wear 100% cotton next to your skin, as it may become sweat-soaked and be slow to dry; a long-sleeved polyester blend shirt is best.  Bring/wear a warm sweater or fleece jacket and a windproof outer shell.  Wear or bring long pants.

  4. Click the following link for information on: Wood Ticks.

  5. Bring a sturdy day pack and pack it with:

    • water - a litre (more for longer hikes).  Do not risk drinking from streams.

    • your lunch

    • trail mix or snacks

    • rain gear -- if you haven't a poncho or raincoat, bring a giant garbage bag to wear -- weather changes quickly in the mountains, and YOU WILL BE COLD AND WET IF YOU ARE UNPREPARED!  Wearing plastic bags on your feet may help to keep your feet dry.

    • sun hat, sun screen, and sunglasses - the ozone layer is thinner at higher altitudes

    • first aid materials - band aids, moleskin

    • insect repellent, bear noisemakers/repellent

    • mittens, extra socks, windproof pants, extra sweatshirt

    • camera, field glasses, maps, wildflower and trail guides, as desired, walking stick

  6. We usually have tea/coffee time after our hikes to replenish body fluids and socialize, so fill a thermos to leave in the car.  We also have post-hike potlucks on predetermined occasions.

For more information, contact one of:

Kim Andersen

243 - 1555

Randy & Sharon Henderson

284 - 2108